WB Supply has a dedicated team of highly skilled data analysts willing to go the extra mile to ensure we always offer the best selection of products, competitive pricing and top-notch customer service. By integrating cutting edge analytics tools and a robust enterprise resources planning (ERP) system, WB can respond nimbly and proactively to the needs of our valued customers.

WB Supply is pleased to offer several internal and external analytics and reporting services, including:

  • Custom reports – Need a year’s worth of purchase history? Want help reconciling your accounts payable? No problem. Our team is equipped with the skills to create reports tailored to your needs, promptly and with attention to detail. Let our expert team work in your favor.
  • Operations and customer support – WB Supply values efficiency and is always working to improve the customer experience. We apply data-driven strategies to optimize workflows, allocate resources, and reduce wait times to ensure our goal of superior service is met.
  • Key Performance Indicators – minimize Non-Productive Time (NPT) while maximizing efficiency, with KPIs like safety statistics, delivery frequencies and order accuracy monitored internally by WB Supply. With the number one goal of supporting the safe and on-time completion of each job or project, tracking metrics like these allows us to generate multiple opportunities for continuous improvement throughout the duration of a customer relationship.
  • Real-time monitoring – WB Supply relies on fast, accurate reporting to fine tune our supply chain and identify logistical pain points. Through continuous monitoring of inventory stock levels, fulfillment accuracy, shipping times, freight and fleet locations, WB has a 360-degree, real-time view of our entire product pipeline.
  • Research – We strive to turn data into actionable intelligence that benefits our customers. From strategic store, warehouse and pipe yard site selection to anticipating the changing demands in the oilfield supply industry, WB leverages the power of data insights to stay ahead of the curve.