Remote Warehousing and vendor managed inventory (VMI) services allow our customers to take advantage of WB Supply’s supply chain services onsite in a customer provided facility or in a remote location underserved by local suppliers. Designed, stocked and managed by WB, remote warehousing - along with consignment services, allow us to maximize material availability and on-time product fulfillment by inserting WB into your existing supply chain.

Some of the highlights of our remote warehousing, VMI and consignment capabilities are:

  • Located in a customer’s facility or remote location, with stocking, replenishment, billing and all back-office functions provided by WB
  • Manned or un-manned – depending on volume and customer requirements
  • Consignment stocking programs of hard to find / limited availability valves, steel line pipe, polyethylene (HDPE) pipe
  • Pumper supply cabinets stocked and replenished in a customer’s field office with production materials, safety supplies, and consumables
  • Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO) conexes located in a customer’s yard, stocked with construction/maintenance valves and fittings are billed weekly based on usage
  • Customized kits – wellhead packages, tree-up kits, launchers and receivers, and new pumper set up packages - all designed through collaboration between the customer and WB
  • Fully stocked onsite stores servicing the needs of a remote area within a high-density of producing wells and drilling locations, minimizing need for extra trips to a supply store or call-outs
  • With one customer, WB was approached to manage their existing inventory as they were experiencing significant losses and low turns. WB reduced losses to zero in 30 days and saved the company $200,000 in the first quarter of operation, depleted existing inventory within the first six months and has been managing their inventory for the past 15+ years.