WB Supply’s relationships with industry-leading manufacturers and distributors have been honed over our more than 45 years in operation. These strategic partnerships allow us to provide proprietary product knowledge and availability to our customers, including collaborative design, problem-solving and service capabilities that differentiate us from our peers.

These relationships minimize the communication gap between procurement and engineering, field and corporate requirements, salesmen and manufacturing reps and create an additional efficiency that our customers may benefit from:

  • Valve Schools – provided in a field office, corporate office environment or at a lunch and learn through collaboration with industry-leading brands (Balon, Kimray, WKM, etc.) and local WB representatives
  • Ability to put the manufacturer directly in front of the customer – enhancing product application, transparency of product warranties and service agreements and product substitutions to maximize operational efficiencies
  • Collaboration between customer and manufacturer has enabled the development of new product solutions and mitigation of technical and local application issues, leading to new product designs and engineered modifications of an existing product to maximize material effectiveness
  • Dedicated distribution channels – flow meters via Method Flow, welding supplies and gas exchange via Praxair