WB Supply traces its expertise in downhole pump repair and service straight from our founding – as a two-man pump shop in 1971. Our knowledgeable technicians, strong partnerships with manufacturers such as Weatherford, Harbison-Fisher, Ellis Manufacturing, and many others allow our dedicated experts to help you design the perfect artificial lift solution for a variety of applications, well profiles, and production targets.

Carrying everything from surface pipe to build tank batteries, to downhole casing and tubing, we have inventory and technicians to help you design everything from a 1.25” insert rod pump to a 3.25” bottled up tubing pump:

  • Almost five decades worth of experience as a leading artificial lift solutions provider
  • State of the art pump repair facilities offering 24/7 service from multiple locations across the nation’s most active oil and gas basins
  • Dedicated experts trained in servicing downhole rod pumps, tubing anchor catchers (TAC), sand separators, and more
  • Technicians collaborate with top manufacturers for ongoing education, new product development and
  • Sucker Rods & Couplings of all weights, metallurgies, and sizes
  • Best-in-class pump tracking software – Rod Pump Tracker (RPT)
  • Quarterly (or on any frequency as desired) well review meetings, analyzing and assessing, failure rates, run-time analysis, and real-time costs
  • Repository of downhole pump data and analysis available through the specifically designed customer portal
  • Whether you need a new pump or an R&R, a TAC, or any other ALS product, you can count on WB to get the job done