Decades of experience in the supply industry means WB Supply is aware of the everyday maintenance, operations, and repair (MRO) needs of all pumpers, roughnecks, roustabouts and company men. Materials that will satisfy the needs of any production requirement, workover, maintenance, flowback or fracturing operation are stocked in our warehouses along with all the products required for new tank battery construction and upkeep.

A selected range of stocking materials for Wellsite MRO & Tank Battery Construction:


  • Gauges, needle valves, measurement, and inspection equipment
  • Back pressure regulators, flow controllers, pop-offs and relief valves
  • Stuffing boxes, tubing heads, wellheads, and roper pumps
  • Stainless steel & carbon steel compression fittings and stainless steel tubing
  • Flow meters and Coriolis meters
  • Thief hatches, gaskets and emissions control materials
  • U-Bolts, pipe hangers and pipe supports
  • Pipeline insulation and cold-weather remediation materials
  • Pipeline pigs and pigging equipment, horizontal and vertical closures and pig valves
  • Walkovers, step-overs, stairways, extensions, landings, and catwalk
  • Pit liners, geotextiles, environmental control and remediation, spill prevention (PCC equipment)
  • Fencing, wellhead protection, concrete blocks & pads, berms, site security and access control
  • And various other materials for tank battery construction, pipeline tie-ins, wellhead hookups, manifolds, flowlines, tree-up kits, fracturing, completion, flowback or workover operations