If you’re familiar with the oilfield supply industry you might have heard the terms “rope, soap, & dope.” But what does this mean?

This is an all-encompassing product category invented over a hundred years ago by working hands to refer to all the miscellaneous materials used on a drilling rig or well site:

  • Rope – used for hoisting materials up and down from rig derricks and platforms
  • Soap – industrial detergents used for cleaning equipment, derrick floors, vehicles, etc.
  • Dope – refers to fuel, lubricants, grease, pipe dope, and other commonly used oil and gas fluids

The term is now generic and has become widely used in the oilfield, refinery, chemical, fabrication and manufacturing industries. We have been providing oilfield workers with their general consumables, mill supplies, and safety equipment now for decades. The daily needs have changed over time, but WB is still recognized as a reliable source for high-quality products and competitive pricing – all available 24/7 from any of our nationwide network of facilities. Visit any one of our branches for:

  • Hand cleaners, industrial cleaners, and solvents
  • Lubricants, pipe dope (Kopr Kote, Tru-Blu) and marking sticks
  • Chain, rope, and load securement materials
  • Mill supplies, work gloves, and consumables
  • Welding supplies, including welding rod, grinding wheels, roll-out wheels, welding hoods and gloves
  • Safety supplies, including PPE, protective gloves and industry approved FR clothing