WB Supply provides a complete stocking line of all sizes, pressure ratings and ANSI classes, metallurgies of fittings, flanges and fasteners commonly used in the oil and gas industry as well as in construction, manufacturing, industrial and municipal applications. By working closely with a strong network of some of the highest regarded manufacturers and distributors in the industry (including Boney Forge, Weldbend, Anvil, Victaulic, Smith Cooper, Lamons, Fluid Sealing, Flexitallic, Kemper, Apollo, Capitol/Phoenix Forge, Hackney Ladish and others), we ensure our customers have real-time access to high-quality products no matter their intended use.

The materials we keep in stock are set to established min/max rates depending on the geographic, engineering and procurement requirements of each region that we operate in. Available from WB Supply:

  • Threaded Fittings – all sizes, pressure ratings (150 lbs, 300#, 2,000#, 3,000#, 6,000#), metallurgies (forged steel, cast iron, malleable iron, internally coated), types (tees, crosses, 90 and 45 degree elbows, street ells, caps, reducing tees, bushings, plugs, reducers, railroad unions / ground joints, merchant, std & API couplings), including socket weld variants of all of the above
  • Pipe Nipples – all sizes, pipe schedules (predominantly schedule 40 / STD, schedule 80 / XH, schedule 160 & XXH), variants (std ERW welded, seamless XH, internally plastic & Corvel coated), adapter nipples (bevel by thread, groove by thread, bevel by groove)
  • Swages & Bull Plugs – all sizes, schedules (STD, XH, XXH, SCH160), metallurgies (carbon steel, stainless steel, internally coated), connection types (beveled end weld, threaded, thread by bevel, groove by thread), variants (1/4” tapped, 1/2” tapped)
  • Weld Fittings – all sizes, schedules (STD, XH, XXH, SCH 160), connection types (beveled ends, bevel by thread etc.), metallurgies (carbon steel, stainless steel, internally coated, high-yield Y52, low-temp), types (weld-o-lets, thread-o-lets, caps, reducers, SR, LR & 3R 90 and 45 degree elbows, crosses, tees, reducing tees, lateral Y’s)
  • Flanges – all sizes, all ANSI ratings (150 – 2500), connection types (weld-neck, slip-on, socket weld, threaded), metallurgies (carbon steel, stainless steel, internally coated, high-yield F52, low-temp), types (blind, RTJ, raised face, flat face, reducing, tapped)
  • Hammer Unions – all sizes, figures (100, 200, 400, 1500, 2500), connection types, (threaded, beveled end weld, grooved), metallurgies
  • Fasteners – B7 stud bolts & nuts, cadmium plated, Teflon coated, stainless steel, coated & galvanized U-Bolts with I-Rods
  • Gaskets – graphite spiroflex gaskets, with inner ring and without, stainless steel 304 and SS 316, API Ring Joint gaskets, insulation and isolation kits
  • Flow Iron – swivel joints, unions, plug valves, high pressure frac fittings
  • Domestic and approved import sources for all materials
  • PVC, HDPE & Fiberglass variants of the above, as well as internally coated fittings and fiberglass adhesive kits